Giant Image of Stephen and Michael


Design & Development by:

Michael Baumann

Assets Delivered:

UX/UI Design Mock-Ups

Project Details:

In 2007, while working for Cosentino, a quarrier and manufacturer of high-end stone countertops and surfaces, I was tasked with designing a new website to promote and inform their customers of their flagship product, Silestone Quartz surface.

Silestone was differentiated from its competitors in part due to its clean, ultra-modern European design sensibilities. Their color palette was bright, vibrant, and challenging in a US market that was otherwise dominated by more reserved competition.

We leveraged their unique position by bring their color palette online on a stark, white background, allowing the colors and photography to command attention. We used modern, crisp, sans-serif typography to further set Silestone apart from its main competitor whose presence online relied on black and gold filigree and ornamental, serif fontwork.

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