Giant Image of Stephen and Michael

Best Buy

Design by:

Michael Baumann

Assets Delivered:

UX/UI Design Mock-Ups
CSS Specification Documents

Project Details:

I came to Best Buy in May of 2012 on a contract assignment, but transitioned to full-time employment in September. I joined a team that designs and develops the process by which users build packages for activated devices (mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, and newer cameras).

There are a number of challenges to creating a successful user experience when working with this nature of product. Activated devices involve a multi-step process of selecting a device, service provider, plan tiers, and additional features that customize a product to a user's specific needs. Additionally, most of these packages require a 2-year commitment from the user, necessitating increased attention to providing the user with a comforting and confidence-inspiring experience.

My background in designing similar processes for customer countertops and and customer kitchen cabinet products has been enormously helpful.

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