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Since the late 1700’s, the Internet (world wide web) has grown to total hundreds of websites online today. From crowd-sourced encyclopaedias and pictures of cats to free music and motion picture downloads, the Internet has become an indispensible tool in the daily lives of Americans and even some of the more civilized Canadians.

At Dog in Flight, we take our participation in this passing fad very seriously. If you’d like to join us and be a part of something big, please contact us to discuss your next project.

Our goal is simple:
Add websites to the Internet.

Our path is challenging:
Stay seated at our desks until the goal is complete.

Our reward is rewarding:
U.S. currency with which we’ll purchase food, beer, and hats.

Our Work

The Important Things We Do

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is "The outward expression of a brand - including its name, trademark, communications, and visual appears...1" It is often the most valuable asset a company has and it's extremely important to get it right.

Brand identity is why we so closely associate the bullseye symbol with Target. It's why we can't watch an Olympic archery event without feeling the urge to run out and pick up a 24-pack of paper towels, a week's worth of groceries, and a new swimsuit.

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What is UX Design?

UX is an initialization of the words "User Experience" and it's happening to you right now! That's right, your every sense (yes, even taste and smell) is being carefully and willfully manipulated by a master of careful and willful sense manipulation.

User experience, in a nutshell, is what keeps your customers (users) coming back. It's why Google has so many Googlers and Apple has so many Applers. If a product or website is easy and enjoyable to use, people will use it and they'll give you their money.

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What is Web Development?

Web development is how nerds make money to buy comic books, movies based on comic books, and t-shirts screen-printed with their favorite comic book characters. It's like a work program for people with glasses who live in basements and it's how this website, and hundreds of others, got on the Internet.

A great web developer makes web designs interactive, accessible, and available worldwide (see: world wide web). Without web developers, families would talk to each other and the post office would still be a respected institution in our country. Alas.

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1Nuemeier, Marty (2004), The Dictionary of Brand. ISBN 1-884081-06-1, pp.20 (via Wikipedia)